Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Storyboard / Alexander Schellow

Here is Alexander Schellow proposal

storyboard [reconstructions (-XI/-12) - (XI/12)]

About 600 (or more) reconstructions of urban perception-surfaces/“situations“ (different mostly european cities, part of a bigger block of sketches, collected since 2001, each about 8x15cm felt-tip pen on tracing paper, drawn from memory as part of the daily practice) are put into small white boxes of 9x9x16cm. These boxes build a modular system to be set as a wall-tableaux in a nonlinear labyrinthic order on a 16:9 dimensioned surface, on which a raster of 9x16cm-fields is drawn by pencil. Each field has a small nail, so that a box could be possibly put into it. The fields are numbered kind of like citymaps on their edges, but with roman and arabic numbers from a negative to a positive spectrum (in that way like a matrix, instead of the usual letters and numbers) to sign the structure clearly as a cut-out of an (undefined) bigger one.

A startsetting including occupied as well as free fields is builded up. The order is associative, following possible storylines and combinations out of the defined material-block. Maybe unused boxes will be left on the floor or a table closed to the wall-installation.

The situation is set obviously as usable by the visitor, the combinations are changeable, the storiess not fixed. That doesn`t necessarily mean, that the setting has to be changed by viewers to function, it is just an offer as a formal decision to create a noe-fixed „editing“ of possible „stories“.

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