Friday, 12 January 2007

Berlin (or better, post-Berlin).

Dear friends, please find enclosed the summary of the studio visits we made with Fabrizio in Berlin last week-end.
Fruitful and great conversations, beautiful proposals to be realized or presented. In addition to this we all received precise descriptions of the contributions by K&W and Patricia. Now it's time to show up! Please give us all a brief description of your proposal in the next days. This concerns the opening, the exhibition, the two workshops and the filmprogramme (s.u).

Kindest regards JBJ

Searching for an ideal urbanity, Studio-visits in Berlin by Fabrizio Gallanti and JB Joly, 6th to 8th of January.

1) Events planned After several studio-visits FG and JBJ agree about following activities:

29th /30th of March

- Opening with performances on the 29th of March (Patricia Reed, Laura Erber's reading? + others to be precised)
- collective exhibition from the 30th of March to the 6th of May
- internal workshop about Henri Lefebvre on the 30th of March (among the participants, Solitude-fellows, Fabrizio, Philip Ursprung + others to be discussed: Christian Schmid, Jean-François Chevrier, ideas are welcome).

3d to 5th of May
- 3d of May: Public talk by Matthias Sauerbruch about „the misuse of the term urbanity in German architecture of the last 20 years“ (tba) on the 3d of May. Language not cleared (German with English hand out? English?)
- 4th of May internal or public workshop about „building urbanity“ (guests list open, Fabrizio mentionned Pier Vittorio Aureli)
- 5th of May filmprogramme

2) Studiovisits
Susanne Bürner, videoartist.
Videos to be taken under consideration:
- Ohne Titel, 4 short sequences, 2004, 6’ 10“
- Corean restaurants on the sea side, 2007, 2’30“
- Hohe Kiefer 4, 2005, 5’37“
- Surfer Montauk, 2004, 6’30“, loop
- Finistère, 2005, 5’40“, loop
- Limbo, 2005, 47“, loop
- 50.000.000 can’t be wrong, 2006, 6’24“
- Trees, videoinstallation with three videoprojectors, 1999, 32’
- Dissolve, videoinstallation, 2001
The videoinstallation „Trees“ can be presented in the exhibition; the other videos are shown in the filmprogramme.

SMAQ, architects

- 3 meters of images about a street in Kinshasa with an infinity of cell-phone shops (to be shown in the Unterer Hirschgang?) with archive and text.
- Participation in the workshop about „building urbanity“ with a critical presentation of the masterplan they develop for Dubai.

Stephen Waddell
- 500 copies of one of Stephen Waddell’s urban images (normal quality print) size about A1, laying on an europalette to be taken by the visitors as a hand out. Image to be selected.

A. Zinsmeister „Urban Shelter“ a documentation about Sarajevo in 1996-97 made of:
- super 8 mm film on DVD (including mecanic sound of a projector)
- documentation on DVD (from slides) on survival strategies - 2 or 3 urban panoramas of ruins as slide projection. To be presented in the under Hirschgang (basement) but the presentation has to be reduced because of the number of participants. To be discussed with A.Z.

Korpys & Löffler together with Achim Birtenburg

- „Canoo“, videofilm and installation, 2003, 130’, two dvds, two projectors, sound, a painted plastic wrap. Best would be a presentation in the Kabinett.
- „Digging deep“, videofilm 1999 and „Super Sam“, videofilm 2002, are presented in the filmprogramme on the 5th of May.

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