Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Kuda.org / NAO

Novi Sad, 2007-01-07

Searching for Ideal Urbanity.

Hello to all, greetings from Novi Sad. We spent sometime time talking about the concept and about posted proposals. We find really interesting to turn back to Fabrizio's initial text about the project. Also revealing are later e-mail notes that we are after a collective, collaborative process.

The main questions for us are how many different idealities there are to be searched for? How different an ideal condition can be from an ideal process? How what we search for gets reflected in the process of searching?

Furthermore, a process of "collaborative communication", especially between artistic and technical disciplines, makes moments of everyday reality appear ideal. Like flashes, these ideal moments, appear connected to each other.
The network of ideal moments becomes more meaningful than ideal conditions or states.

All of those moments, like clusters, are dots on a map. This map exists; just haven't made it yet. As a result we would like to produce such a map based on our collaborative process. By doing this we would like to contribute to this event at Solitude and to the emerging community.

Zoran Pantelic, kuda.org

Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss, NAO

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