Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Choreography of the quotidian / Patricia Reed

A performance of "estranged proximities" (very working title, will no doubt change!)

Throughout the last year I have been observing and documenting through texts, images and video solitary individuals in public/social spaces [Ubahn, Public outdoor areas, shopping streets (rest areas), etc] waiting, pausing or hanging out. I was studying their gestural vocabulary, or choreography while seated and in proximity, or at least interaction with strangers. As such I have a sort of archive or gestural database from which to draw upon to create a performance with 3 actors from the stuttgart area. 3 actors will be hired (various ages) to develop alongside my initial database an improvised performance of such daily, though rather charged moments of estranged interactions - they will be explained the project and shown the collected footage, but will become collaborators of sorts, since they will also be called upon to make their own observations and weave those into the improvised choreography. They will play out the moments (each switching personalities throughout the duration) within a highly sterilised white set with white public bench under strong flourescent lights, to make a kind of laboratory feel, wearing street clothes. For the opening I hope to have a real live performance, though throughout the rehearsal period the movements will be recorded on video, and can be set up as a video installation for the duration of the show, a single channel projection to be housed within the set in which the movements took place.

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