Sunday, 14 January 2007

Masked Citizen X / Seung Pyo Hong

Dear all,

I am Seung Pyo Hong, a new fellow whose discipline is Industrial Design. When I had the first meeting with Mr. Joly a week ago, I had a chance to be told that there is an exhibition about Urbanity by Solitude fellows. I am pretty much interested in the project, and I would like to join it with great pleasure if my late participation does not cause any interruption.
If I am able to join, I would like to present "Masked Citizen X," one of my recent projects shown at my solo show in Seoul last year. Under the contemporary urban condition imbued with technological hyper-connectivity, besides, communication is no more communal activity but involuntary or even compulsory response to the given environment. It is not so easy for any individual to resist against the imperatives of communication. At this point, Masked Citizen X provides a refuge for people who are tired of imposed social communication. Its artificial and banal expressions are not intended to express users' real emotion more effectively, rather to screen users' facial expression of their uneasiness therefore to help them pass the situation away: if someone steps up to mask wearer, the mask automatically closes the doors, makes artificial facial expressions and speaks meaningless words on behalf of the user.
Please feel free to ask me if there is any inquiry.
Many Thanks,
Seung Pyo Hong (studio 36)

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