Friday, 16 March 2007

Some logistics for the opening

Searching for an ideal urbanity, opening days from 29th March to 1st of April 2007.



- Fabrizio Gallanti from 27.3. to 31.3

- Ivan Vladislavic from 29.3 to 2.4. (then Munich?)

- Fiona Raby from 31.3. to 4.4.

- Kevin Volans from 29.3., will stay longer until the end of May!

- Biljana Srbljanovic will join, no date mentionned

- Rirkrit Tiravanija will join, no date mentionned

Other guests:

- Stefano Mirti, designer, Milano, from 29.3 to 1.4.

- Xavier Juillot, artist, France, from 30.3 to 1.4.

- Achim Bertenburg, artist, Bremen (cooperates with Korpys/Löffler)

Former fellows participating in the exhibition and joining:

- Susanne Bürner, videoartist, Berlin

- Margarita Dorovska, culture manager, Sofia /

- Korpys & Loeffler, artists, Berlin/Bremen

- Marzena Nowak, artist, Warsaw

- SMAQ (Sabine Müller, Andreas Quednau), architects, Berlin

- Stephen Waddell, artist, Berlin

- Vlad Nancã, artist, Bucharest

- Annett Zinsmeister, architect, Berlin

- Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss, architect, Basel

- Zoran Pantelic artist, Novi Sad

- Andrea Melloni, sound artist, Berlin

- Patricia Reed, videoartist, Berlin

- Karin Damrau, architect, Berlin

- Sarnath Banerjee, graphic novelist, New Dehli

- Krassimir Terziev, videoartist, Sofia

Current fellows:

Sanford Biggers, Luciano Basauri & Dafne Berc, Seung Pyo Hong, Dagmar Keller &

Martin Wittwer, Q Takeki Maeda & Jay Chung, Ligia Nobre, Henrietta Rose-Innes,

Alexander Schellow, Ulrike Syha, Cobi van Tonder, Popok Tri Wahyudi


Thursday, 29th of March, Opening with

- Speech by JBJ

- Screening of „Ponderings in Solitude“ by Sarnath Banerjee and Andrea Melloni

- Videoscreening performance by Patricia Reed

- Staged reading, text by Ulrike Syha

Friday, 30th,


individual studiovisits of jurors (or long sleep if the night was too short)


Fabrizio's lecture about Henry Lefebvre’s concept of Urbanity, Guibal Saal

Stefano Mirti's lecture about „urbanity as a politic and poetic stake“, Guibal Saal

Xavier Juillot, presentation of his work

Collective tour through the exhibition, discussions

End of the discussions around 7.30 pm


monthly dinner with all the participants

Saturday 31st


visit at Kunstmuseum Stuttgart of Alexander Schellow's exhibition

afternoon to be precised:

The jurors speak about their own work (to be confirmed)

Possible presentations by the fellows,

continuation of the discussion about the exhibition

individual studio visits

End about 19.30


improvised dinner

Sunday, 1st of April

open day, invididual studiovisits of the jurors, departure of the guests

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