Monday, 22 October 2007

Solitude Film Program at Storefront in New York

Performance Z-A: a Pavilion and 26 Days of Events at Storefront for Art and Architecture
B: Oct 15 - Film Program »Searching for an Ideal Urbanity«

Recent video and film artworks by artists-in-residence at Akademie Schloss Solitude ( 
The film program was organized as an adjunct public event to the exhibition »Searching for an Ideal Urbanity« an interdisciplinary project curated by the Italian architect Fabrizio Gallanti in cooperation with fellows of Akademie Schloss Solitude, which was presented at Solitude in spring of 2007. The works in the film program deal with different forms of urbanity, taking a sociological, architectural or narrative approach.

(1) Alexander Schellow »Spots« (Series since 2005, DVD, based on approx. 36 drawings each, 9 x 16cm, felt pen on transparent paper)
(2) Sanford Biggers and Jennifer Zackin »A small world« (1999-2002), 6.30 min.
(3) Susanne Bürner »Ohne Titel« (2004), 5.30 min.
(4) Susanne Bürner »50.000.000 can't be wrong« (2006), 6.24 min.
(5) Korpys/Löffler and Marcus Kaiser, »Super Sam« (2002), 13 min. (with English subtitles)
(6) Susanne Bürner »huts« (2007), 2.30 min.
(7) Krassimir Terziev »A Place (Playground)« (2004), 10 min.
(8) Daniel Kunle and Holger Lauinger »Neuland« (2006), 75 min. (with English subtitles)


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