Thursday, 8 February 2007

Ulrike Syha 2

Dear all,

I'm very sorry to tell you that for personal reasons I have to change my plans concerning the urbanity project.

I already had a talk with Mr. Joly and we agreed that instead of the recordings I'll do a kind of life-lecture during the opening night. This lecture will be performed by the same actors that would have done the recordings (as long as they can manage to be free on this evening; if not, I'll find others) and probably by me. The content / the story will stay the same. The lecture will last half an hour. I guess I will only need good microphones - but I'll think about it and send Mrs. Roth an update as soon as possible.

From my point of view, it would be nice to do the lecture IN THE MIDDLE of the exhibition, in front of or besides (or inside?) a work of one of you, and not in another room which is empty and no real part of the exhibition. But I won't do this if the artist whose work it may concern won't agree - that's understood. I'll talk to some of you and see what's possible.

I hope to finally do the recordings in late spring - so maybee an updated version of the project (no more life) could be shown during a later period of the urbanity project, for example at the beginning of May. But one step after another.

Thanks for your attention,
best regards,

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